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Shof of the Day - Patch of forestland a year on from where last year i photographed what i thought was the beginning of a new hilltop resort. Decimated and scorched and unseen from the rest of the island.  

Shot of the Day

The start of a series on housing in Amsterdam.  TBC…..

And today……

Happy to announce the new job as in house photographer for Holland Pass..! Grrrrrreat!

Shots of the week

Mansell Road, Wimbledon

Duggan Morris Architects

Library of Birmingham Photoset.  

Just a few of the many shots from Sunday’s remembrance day shoot at the awesome library by Mecanoo.

More will be on show on the upcoming new website thats due for launch in the next few days…

Photo of the Day… (yesterday)

Birmingham Library by Mecanoo Architecten

A Story of Koh Tao - Some Polaroids

I lived in koh Tao, Thailand for 2.5 years until May this year.  The polaroids i captured there tried to convey the delicate balance of this paradise island trying survive through tourism but at the same time keep the allures of full blown samui-ism at bay.

The medium is a metaphor for this contradiction: expired film polaroids scanned to modern medium for upload to the WWW..!!

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