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Conversation with Wouter Van de Voorde




VCSD: How long have you been making photographs?

WV: I have been taking photos since I was 16 (I am 32 now) but it feels like it has been only 4 years since I really started. Studying painting and printmaking, I got into the image making business ages ago. Where I am at…

I dont repost much but check this out!

"Water Tower"

On an island surrounded by water the water shortage is a real issue.  A reservoir built on the top of the mountain collects no water.  Bad infrastructure plagues the island! 


Deborah House - Renovation by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Post construction images to follow

"before" - TBC

The beginnings of a commission from Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, London. Restoration of an existing building used as creative spaces for artist collectives.   “a new face for an old friend” as Sarah put it.  To be completed in September 2014.

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